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Steps to maintain healthy HVAC system

Air-Conditioning-RaftersIt is a better idea for people to hire the service of HVAC Company for inspecting and maintaining the heating and cooling system during regular intervals of time. The service team of such companies will inspect the system and clean the wiring of the unit. Following are some ideas for people to maintain the healthy HVAC system. They can buy the good filter if they do not have a filter. The high efficiency filters consist of electrostatic charge that can performs like a magnet and grab the smallest fine particles including the particles that carry the bacteria. Second idea is replacing the filter minimum once for 90 days. They have to check the filter monthly. If they find the filter is clogged and dark, they can go ahead and replace the filter. People who raise pets in their home need to check out the filter every month.

healthy HVAC systemThird idea is checking if there are minimum two feet of clear and neatness around the units of outdoor air conditioning and heat pumps. During summer and spring months they are advised to remove the debris such as pollen, leaves and twigs from both sides and top of heat pumps and air conditioning units every week. They should not let the grass mower to release the grass clippings onto air conditioning units of their HVAC system. Next idea is inspecting the insulation on the lines of refrigerant that leads into the house every month. They have to replace the lines if it is damaged and missed. They have to ensure that heat pumps and units of outdoor air conditioning are on level ground and on firm. They can pour some bleach along with water in the air conditioner to prevent formation of algae and mold that can cause a clog. They can make a call to the HVAC Company and maintain the HVAC system.

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