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Roofing and types of material used by it

Most of the homeowners want to roof the house attractively. They also like to use the roofing materials that areRoofing and types available at reasonable price that is not too high. Let us see some of the materials used in making the roof of buildings and structures. Composite shingles are also called as asphalt shingles. These are the most famous type in the roofing material available in the market. These are three tab shingles that are made using the fiberglass mat with minerals and asphalt topped on it. This is the best option for almost all the home roofing needs since this type of roofing materials come with a warranty between 20 and 30 years. The asphalt single are easy to install and easy to replace. Rolled roofing is another type that is the support of various outbuildings and other beautiful structures. These roofing materials fit roofs of low slope residential.

roofing-typesRoll roofing comes in rolls that can cover 100 square feet with each measure 3 feet wide. This type of roofing material is cheap and fast way to roof the structure of a building like workshop or shed where beauty is not considered as the main thing. This can suit when covering the roof of a home with low slope or no slope. Metal roofing is another type that does not suit the warehouses. Metal roofs can give an industrial look to the building and these are fire resistant that offers no food for the wood boring organisms such as carpenter ants, termites and other insects. Green roofs are another type that is commonly called as living roofs. This type of roof will increase the value of the property, insulate the roof and reduce the cost of energy. This roof will also absorbs the rain water and minimize the runoff and create oxygen.

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