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How to maintain the sump pump?

Most of the sump pumps are featured with flood alarms and water level alarms, battery powered usually, that alert people if the pump does not function properly and water in the sump pump is backing up. Maintaining the equipment or device is necessary to make the system works proper for a long period of time. Let us see some of the maintenance tips for the people to take care of their sump pump. They should make sure that the pump is plugged into GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter and cord is maintained in good shape. In the damp areas, the GFCI breakers might trip and shut off the pump. People are advised to check their sump pump periodically to rest GFCI if needed. Second advice is making sure that the pump is standing upright. Due to the vibration of the pump it can lead to tilt onto a side or fall. This can lead to jam of float arm and pump could not be activated.

sump pumpNext suggestion is periodically pouring some water into pit to ensure that sump pump starts automatically. This ensures that water from the pump drains quickly after the pump is switched on. If the sump pump does not work automatically, then have the pump serviced. Another suggestion for the people is removing the submersible pump physically from the pit to clean the grate at the bottom side of the pump. Sucking action of sump pump can pull some small stones and particles into the grate that blocks the inlet. People must also make sure that outlet pipes are joined together tightly and drain out water minimum 6 meters away from the foundation. They should also ensure vent hole in discharge pipe is neat and clear. These can be followed by people to maintain the sump pump and avoid spending more money on repair services.

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