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Brief information about flow meters

An instrument that is used to measure the non linear, linear, volume or mass flow rate of either gas or liquid is called as flow meter. There are diverse applications of a flow meter. The common principals for this type of instrument are differential pressure flow meters, mass flow meters, velocity flow meters, open channel flow meters and positive displacement flow meters. Let us see how to select the flow meter. The basis of selecting a good flow meter is by learning about the requirements of its usage and application. People should spend some time investing in the nature of this process and installing the instrument. There are various types of flow meters such as positive displacement and velocity meters. In the type of positive displacement meters, a small chamber is included in it holding the measured volume of the liquid.

The flow of liquid is measured by this instrument and then compared to the volume of liquid that is held. The flow rate of liquid is calculated by computing the number of count that the chamber gets emptied and filled. These instruments are mostly found in apartments and homes for measuring the low flow rate of the water in the water system. Velocity flow meters are devices that measure the velocity of liquid flow and translate the velocity into volume of the water flow. Various mechanisms are being used by the flow meter to determine the velocity and convert the data. A few of the meters that come under this category are venture, orifice, magnetic and propeller meters. The display system showing the water flow meter comes in two types: straight and circular. These devices and instruments include several beneficial features other than the advantage of giving accurate measurements. These devices also help in increasing the water supply power along with reduce power supply.

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